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Title Place Client Year Technology
Studio Erich Pummer GmbH
3602 Rossatz
Nr. 165
Wachau, Austria
Tel+43 27146500
Fax+43 27146332
Ceramics, TerracottaCeramics, Terracotta
Russian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Nicholas Vienna Russian Orthodox Church, Moscow 2003 - 2009
Art Nouveau fountain and wall decor, old hospital Tulln Tulln, Lower Austria GEDESAG Krems 2001
Nativity Scene by Michael Powolny Klosterneuburg Monastery, Lower Austria Klosterneuburg Monastery 1999
Wishing Well, Grafenegg Palace Grafenegg, Lower Austria Grafenegg Palace 1994
Old Mill, Monastery of Zwettl, plaque on bridge Zwettl Monastery, Lower Austria Monastery of Zwettl 1990
Fireplace, Schallaburg Castle Schallaburg, Lower Austria State Government of Lower Austria 1986