Late Baroque Tomb, Neustädter Cemetery

Research ProjectLate Baroque Tomb, Neustädter Cemetery,Dresden, Germany

Late Baroque Tomb of Cotta sandstone, 1731 Desalination and consolidation in the VAC-method within the DBU-project: "Innovative method for consolidation of hard to conserve, environmentally damaged sandstone memorials and numerical geomechanical simulation of the risks". Original Location: Cemetery of the Epiphany Parish Translocation by August the Strong to the newly founded "Neustädter Cemetery"
Client:German Federal Foundation for the Environment
Project period:2013
Place:Dresden, Germany

Used technologies

Late Baroque Tomb, Performing the VCV Performing the VCV
Late Baroque Tomb, Baroque tomb pre-state Baroque tomb pre-state
Late Baroque Tomb, Wrapping up for VCV Wrapping up for VCV

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