Hamam, Baku, Azerbaijan

2018 - 2019 Historic Old Town "Icheri Sheher", Oriental bathhouse around 17th century (Silk Route), underground facility with around 25 rooms on three floors, originally with towering cupolas and ventilation shafts, total area approx. 300 m² Archaeology Museum Preservation

South side of the nave central section, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna

2012 - 2021 Eligius chapel around 1360 - 1400 and Bartholomew chapel until 1437, Singertor 1440 - 1450, restored 1894 - 1896, Friedrich pediment 1430 - 1440, restored 1982ff and 1928, decoration of other pediments 1853/1854, restored 1882ff Church Laser Cleaning Vacuum Conservation

Lion's Gate south, Coat of arms Leo, Belvedere Palace, Vienna

2017 - 2018 Limestone from Zogelsdorf, 240 cm tall, 1350 kg. 24 years after the last restoration, the decision was made for security reasons, to create a copy of the lion in shaken cast of artificial stone reinforced by fiberglass. Sculpture Copy

Desalination with Vacuum-Circling Process

06/26/2017 Only available in German. more

War memorial, Germersheim, Germany

2017 Monolithic lion sculpture, 210 cm hight and barrel-shaped pedestal, 65 cm hight, diameter 120 cm, Historicism Memorial Vacuum Conservation

Family crest, Greillenstein Palace, Lower Austria

2016 - 2017 Renaissance family crest made of limestone from Zogelsdorf Others Vacuum Conservation

First Exhibition at Beyler Mosque

03/24/2017 After successfully completed total renovation, the first exhibition takes place at Beyler Mosque. more

Minaret Juma Mosque, Baku, Azerbaijan

2016 Historic Old Town "Icherisheher",16th century, approximately 25 m height, balcony with differently ornamented parapet panels, decoration with stalactites, among them inscription in "Kufi" writing ornaments, Absheron limestone Mosque Museum Preservation

Application of Ethyl Silicate Based Consolidants on Sandstone with Partial Vacuum: A Laboratory Study

09/06/2016 - 09/10/2016 Science and Art: A Future for Stone: Proceeding of the 13th International Congress on the Deterioration and Conservation of Stone, Volume 2. Paisley: University of the West of Scotland. S. 955ff; by H. Siedel, J. Wichert and T. Frühwirt more