Lion's Gate south, Coat of arms Leo

SculptureLion's Gate south, Coat of arms Leo,Belvedere Palace, Vienna

Limestone from Zogelsdorf, 240 cm hight, 1350 kg. After 24 years since the last restoration was decided to make a copy in shaken cast of fiberglass reinforced artificial stone in case of security reasons. The lion was crashed and smashed next to a Japanese tour group in 1992. Back then the restoration was commissioned to us and all fragments were sticked together, notched as well as all voids inlayed.
Client:Burghauptmannschaft Austria
Project period:2017 - 2018
Place:Belvedere Palace, Vienna

Used technologies

Löwe Belvedere - Absturz 1992 Absturz 1992
Löwe Belvedere - Restaurierung 1993, Erich Pummer Restaurierung 1993, Erich Pummer
Löwe Belvedere - Demontage 2017 Demontage 2017
Löwe Belvedere – Negativform, Bau Negativform, Bau
Löwe Belvedere - Negativform, Zusammenbau Negativform, Zusammenbau
Löwe Belvedere, Negativform Negativform
Löwe Belvedere - Kopie und Original Kopie und Original
Löwe Belvedere – Schlussbild Schlussbild
Löwentor Belvedere Löwentor

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